1661983462 The secret button on your iPhone that you probably didnt

The secret button on your iPhone that you probably didn’t notice

Although the iPhone 14 will soon make its appearance, there are plenty of people who are still discovering new things on their current iPhones. For example, since 2020 there has been a secret button that not everyone knows about yet. OMT editor Mark explains to you what exactly he’s talking about.

If you have an older iPhone model, you’re usually not short of anything. While you may not have the latest camera system or a slick display, you do often have the latest software. Right now that’s iOS 15, but people with access to iOS 14 can also take advantage of this handy trick.

Apple adds secret button to iPhone

You may not have known it yet, but Apple added a new button to the iPhone two years ago. Not just on the new 2020 models, but also on older devices. I can already see those question marks over your head from a mile away, because how exactly did the company pull that off?

It’s all about the Tap on Back functionality. Apple added this feature to the iPhone for the visually impaired. This allows one, two or three taps on the back to enable certain functionality. For example, with two taps it is possible to activate the flashlight, where with three taps you deactivate it again. Or, of course, you can make the camera app open or close.

iPhone iOS updatesThe operating system on your iPhone (Image: Unsplash)

The beauty of this whole system is that you can add an action yourself. This can be done through Apple’s own Commands application. Through this app, you can even open your favorite applications with taps on the back.

This is how you set it up

Curious about the functionality and eager to test Apple’s secret button for yourself? Then follow the following steps on your iPhone:

Go to Settings
Scroll until you find Accessibility
Go to Touch and then to Touch back
Select the action to be performed.

As mentioned, it is possible to set your own assignment as well. You do this as follows:

Open Apple’s Commands app
Press the plus sign in the top right corner
Press the Add task button

Secret button Apple iPhoneNew assignment (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Search for the flashlight and select Configure flashlight

Secret button Apple iPhoneAdd Task (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Choose what the task should do (flashlight on or flashlight off). We choose on.

Secret button Apple iPhoneNew assignment (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Name the command and click Done

Secret button Apple iPhoneGive name (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Tap Back
Choose Double Tap or Triple Tap
Scroll down to Voice Commands

Secret button Apple iPhoneSelect function (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Voila! You now have your own command linked to the taps on the back and control your iPhone differently than before!

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