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These are the 5 new Android features Google is launching soon

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is in full swing, one of the biggest trade shows in the field of mobile devices. Google is also present at it, of course. It has unveiled a number of new features for Android. We list the coolest ones.

Every year in Barcelona, almost all tech companies gather to showcase the latest mobile products and discuss the future of the industry. Google is also present there with an entire booth dedicated to Android. There, the company announces that it is rolling out several updates.

Google introduces 5 new Android features

But what are the new Android features you really shouldn’t miss? We list five especially for you.

#1 Single note widget

One of the most important features of your cell phone is that it makes you more productive. You can get things done just a little faster. That’s already good, of course, but there’s always room for improvement. The new single note widget helps you do just that.

Allows you to access notes directly from your home screen. So you can immediately see the to-do list where you check off everything you’ve already done.

In addition, reminders also pop up in cool background colors. Who doesn’t want that?

Google NoteThis is what that looks like! (Image: Google)

#2 Noise reduction for Google Meet

Whereas we used to actually have all our meetings in the office, now they are often at home behind with your Android phone or via laptop on the desk. Using Zoom or Google Meet makes it easier than ever to have a good conversation.

Still, you want to do so without distracting noises. Google Meet now automatically filters out distracting background noise from your meeting. That way you don’t have to annoy yourself when one of your meeting partner’s neighbors is drilling.

#3 Enlarge content on your Android device very easily.

Everyone obviously has a different preference for how big letters and video are on your screen. You can now adjust that very easily with a simple motion thanks to Google.

Right now, you can already test the feature through Chrome Beta. To do so, go to Settings and then accessibility. The real update for Android will roll out by Google sometime in March.

Android ZoomNice zoom. (Image: Google)

#4 New animations

Although this feature that doesn’t add a whole lot of value, but is just plain fun. Actually in the category: just because you can.

Your Google Wallet now gets new animations. So when you pay with your Android phone you will get to see a funny penguin, for example.

#5 New emojis

Who can’t live without emoji’s? These symbols are indispensable in your conversations. This way you show exactly how you feel and express yourself in different ways. Sarcasm, of course, can sometimes be hard to read.

The new emoji feature on Android lets you merge different emojis into one. So you can turn a basketball into a face or a heart, for example.

Emoji Android Google.Create your own emoji. (Image: Google)

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