1677905901 This idiotically expensive iPhone 14 Pro bought Messi for his

This idiotically expensive iPhone 14 Pro bought Messi for his teammates

What do you give your friends when you win a World Cup? A bunch of flowers? Maybe a bottle of good champagne? Not if you are Messi, then of course you buy them an extremely expensive 24-carat gold iPhone 14 Pro.

That Messi is swimming in money is no surprise. His value is estimated at $620 million. Then, of course, buying an iPhone 14 Pro is peanuts. But one made of gold? For all your teammates? That’s insane.

Handmade iPhone 14 Pro for Messi and friends

Last winter Messi made world history with Argentina by beating France. In fact, the Argentine had already won all the major awards except one: the World Cup.

The little, big soccer player wanted to celebrate this appropriately, so he ordered a 24-carat iPhone 14 Pro designed by iDesign Gold. And it wasn’t just one, he bought 35(!). The total value of the purchase is estimated to be around $160,000. Of course, Messi earns all that when the best man goes to the bathroom.

The owner of iDesign Gold, Ben Lyons, personally delivered the set of iPhones to Messi, who recently won the FIFA award for World Footballer of the Year. iDesign Gold is no stranger when it comes to creating custom-made gold iPhones for famous footballers, with PSG’s Kylian Mbappé and Neymar being some of its famous clients.

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Ideal for snobs

Should you suddenly have a whim now and also want to buy a snazzy iPhone 14 Pro made of gold: these can be ordered from around $4,800. If you think an all gold phone is a bit too kitschy, you can also choose from, for example, pink/gold, black/gold, platinum or a combination of leather and gold.

Of course, you can also just go for Apple’s “regular” gold version. That one is less showy and will cost you only $1,499 or you’ll score a good deal. A much better deal with more class, as far as we’re concerned.

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