This is what your Samsung smartphone or tablet might look

This is what your Samsung smartphone or tablet might look like in 2025

The future: we can fantasize about it endlessly. Especially when it comes to technology. Samsung understands this and responds perfectly to our thoughts.

The South Korean company has brought out a new video today. In Meet amazing techverse in Samsung Display, we can get a small glimpse into the future. Will our smartphones and tablets look like this in 2025?

Samsung takes a look into the future

Samsung gives you a good impression of how it sees the future in less than two minutes. Through it, we are introduced to several concept products that all use new technologies. Among others, we see the Samsung Galaxy Flex S: a foldable smartphone that consists of three parts. Or how about a phone that can slide upwards or a model that can grow larger especially in width.

All devices have at least one thing in common: they feature the Eco² OLED panel. It is the first panel from Samsung that has integrated a polarized panel, making screens thinner and more flexible. So you can use it in many different ways without losing visibility or color accuracy.

In any case, it should be clear: Samsung did not design the foldable screen for nothing. While the Galaxy Fold was still a laughing matter, everyone now realizes that the South Korean company is fully committed to the future. A future that I can certainly look forward to.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 the perfect example

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, by the way, is the perfect example of this. The smartphone appeared last year and showed that it did take the game very seriously. The smartphone had already moved away from its concept image by 2020, but still carried a few minor beginner flaws. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 changed all that and managed to change the game like no other.

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