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Ukrainian soldier goes viral with stopped bullet through iPhone

The iPhone and the Apple Watch have all sorts of features that can improve lives, but now it appears that they can also save lives. This is not through the software present on the devices, but through the devices themselves. For example, an Apple smartphone may have saved the life of a soldier from Ukraine.

Last weekend several posts appeared about this on Reddit and Twitter. In one video, we see a soldier praising an iPhone 13 Pro to the skies because the device saved his life. After all, what had happened? The smartphone caught a bullet meant for the soldier from the Ukrainian army.

iPhone 13 Pro as the savior of the day

In the video, the soldier takes the iPhone 13 Pro out of his shirt pocket. We see that the phone stopped the bullet and that it did not pass through the smartphone. The human being was saved, but the phone gave way. It is not clear if the soldier’s vest played a role in this and if the soldier would have survived if the device was not in there.

iPhone saved the life of a Ukrainian soldier. Maybe it’s after such videos that Russians, instead of plate carriers, put Macbooks in their bulletproof vests? from ukraine

Of course, from here we can’t say for sure whether the iPhone in question actually saved the soldier’s life. Nor can we verify if the story is true at all, since we only have the images on social media. But it would be a cool story if it turns out that this is really true.

Sandwich story or not?

As we deal with the Internet, we should always be prepared for tabloid stories. Strong stories that are passed off as true, gaining in persuasiveness. Fun for parties, but moments like this probably won’t make it into the history books.

It could always be that it’s true, hehe. But it could also be that someone now wants to use the war between Russia and Ukraine to go viral for once with a very popular product that a lot of people search on. For now, the truth lies in the middle and the question now is whether we will ever know for sure.

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