1677472827 Underrated Android functionality is going to save you tons of

Underrated Android functionality is going to save you tons of time

Using a PIN, fingerprint scanner or facial recognition on your Android smartphone may make you feel safe, but it regularly feels like you’re taking forever to unlock it. Fortunately, phone makers have come up with a very clever plan for that.

In a safe environment, like at home, it feels excessive to constantly unlock your Android device. That’s where the Smart Lock feature comes in handy. For example, you set one or more locations where you don’t need to constantly unlock your smartphone.

These Smart Lock methods on Android are here

There are even more ways to use Smart Lock than by location. Your Android phone can also remain unlocked as long as the device recognizes your voice or face, or as long as it remains connected to a trusted Bluetooth device, such as a smartwatch or wireless earbuds.

It is also possible to use body detection. As long as your Android phone recognizes that you are carrying it, it will remain unlocked for up to 4 hours. This can come in handy during a walk so you can easily pull up Google Maps.

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Android: this is how to set up Smart Lock

Depending on the Android brand you use, setting up Smart Lock may be slightly different. However, you must first set up a PIN, pattern, fingerprint or facial recognition. Generally, you then go to Settings and tap Security and Location (on a Samsung phone, go to the Lock screen).

Next, choose one of the available options for Smart Lock. These may vary by Android brand. Once set up, you can immediately enjoy a life without constant phone unlocks. What are you waiting for?

Security of function

All well and good, but what about security? The extent to which Smart Lock carries security risks depends entirely on the method you choose and the situation in which you use the feature.

Of course, if someone enters the secure location you set, that person can snoop around in your smartphone. So set this only in a location where you trust everyone. Also, think carefully beforehand whether the benefits outweigh the possible drawbacks of using the feature on your Android phone.

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