1662416204 Unwind with these 5 awesome meditation apps for iOS and

Unwind with these 5 awesome meditation apps for iOS and Android

With today’s skyrocketing energy prices, wars around the world, and our other daily struggles, our stress levels are rising at a rapid rate. A daily deep breathing exercise or meditation can help you regain peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for a better night’s sleep or want to lower your stress levels, meditation apps can help.

In the modern world, meditation is more accessible than ever. You don’t have to read whole books, but can get started right away with simple apps. The range of apps is just enormous. In order not to give you even more stress, we have selected a number of cool options for you. With these five awesome meditation apps your worries will become less and less!

Five fine meditation apps (iOS and Android)

Meditating is of all times, but especially in today’s society it can be nice to have the peace in your head return and not be ‘on’ all the time. With one time meditating you are not there. By investing dedication, patience and time, you will be much more comfortable in your own skin after a while. These meditation apps for iOS and Android will give you a push in the right direction:

#1 Headspace

The founder of Headspace is a former Buddhist monk. If anyone knows how to meditate, it’s him. Yet this meditation app is not exactly spiritual, but rather focused on science. There are a lot of tools, from sleeping better or dealing with anxiety. Headspace is, unfortunately, pricey. The app is free, but most features are behind a pay wall. A subscription costs 12.99 euros per month or 57.99 euros per year.

headspace meditation appHeadspace (Image: Headspace)

#2 Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers a huge number of meditations without making this infinite library seem overwhelming. If you don’t have much experience with meditation yet, this meditation app is very suitable. Some meditation assignments are given by Dutch mindfulness trainers. With a timer you can decide how long you want to meditate and whether or not you want to hear background noise. You can also join groups to share your experiences with others. The best thing about this app is that the free offer is very large. For 62.99 euros per year you can listen offline and take special courses.

#3 Calm

This meditation app will make you take it easy, or at least start taking it easy. Especially if you’re not very experienced with breathing exercises yet, Calm is a good choice. You indicate what goal you have, such as reducing stress or being able to focus better. The app then generates appropriate meditations for you. Calm is free to download, but also has a subscription. This costs you 49.99 euros per year or 349.99 euros once for the rest of your life.

VGZ meditation appMindfulness coach from VGZ (Image: VGZ)

#4 VGZ Mindfulness Coach

Do you find it annoying to follow meditations in English? The meditation app from insurer VGZ solves this problem. The exercises are mainly focused on mindfulness and there are about seventy to try out. The meditation app is somewhat less extensive than others in this list. It is possible, however, to save the exercises offline. Unfortunately, there is no soothing music present; you only hear a quiet voice. The app is free, also for people who are not clients of the VGZ.

#5 Pause: daily mindfulness

Pause is a meditation app that is unlike any other in this list. Its simple design allows you to find your focus quickly and easily. By the way, the app is from the makers of the mobile game Monument Valley. By gently moving your finger across the screen of your phone, colorful ink-like spots appear on your screen that make you feel relaxed. Pause is free to download, but some meditation tasks cost money. The premium version costs $4.49 a month, $20.99 a year or a one-time fee of $54.99 for ever.

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