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What the Samsung Galaxy S23 will do differently from its predecessors

Now that we have had all kinds of major smartphone releases, it is time to look forward to the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. That smartphone line will hit the market in early 2023, which will gradually increase the number of rumors. Samsung, of course, has not confirmed anything yet, but Qualcomm may already have.

The finance boss at chip maker Qualcomm, Akash Palkhiwala, may have prematurely revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S23 line will feature Qualcomm chips. This is according to a transcript (.pdf) of a recent quarterly meeting, where Palkhiwala talks about a “global share” regarding the S23.

Samsung Galaxy S23 with only Qualcomm chips?

Previously, Galaxy devices already had chips from Qualcomm thanks to a long-standing partnership. But in recent years, that share did not get past 75 percent. The rest of the premium smartphones then got the Exynos processors. That’s a CPU line made in-house by the South Korean manufacturer.

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Europe often got to deal with Exynos, while the rest of the world got Qualcomm Snapdragon. Samsung’s chips were never actually better than Qualcomm’s, so this news is music to the ears. Although the Galaxy S line guarantees fast phones, now it can only get better.

What chip is this about?

But which chip is the Samsung Galaxy S23 going to get? Well, currently the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is still causing a furor, but it’s probably going to be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. That processor may come out in December, making it ready for smartphones coming out in February or March.

We often hear that “the new Galaxy S smartphone” will only get Qualcomm Snapdragon processors worldwide. But so far, nothing has come of that. And even now, rumor makers don’t seem to agree on this. Indeed, a small part of the S line is said to still get Exynos CPUs. Let’s hope that this is just as nice not happening in Europe then.

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