Why it’s best to put your iPhone down with the screen down

Everyone puts their iPhone down on the table from time to time. Chances are you do this with the screen facing up, but did you know it’s actually better to put the smartphone on the table with the screen facing down?

By the way, this is not a tip to increase your productivity. In fact, it actually has an advantage for the iPhone itself.

iPhone with the screen down

It’s pretty logical that many people put their iPhone on the table with the screen facing up. Usually the reason behind it is to prevent scratches. Especially when a consumer does not use a case. Yet it is advisable to put your iPhone on the table the other way around. Especially for users who receive many notifications during the day.

You might not expect it, but turning your iPhone upside down can have a positive impact on your battery. As soon as the screen is facing up, you will notice that it lights up with every notification. By putting your smartphone with the screen down you can prevent this. Your iPhone detects the position, so the screen stays off. A handy way to save a little battery.

Is this the only way, though? No, definitely not. You can also prevent certain applications from lighting up the screen within the settings on your iPhone. You do this by following the following steps:

Go to Settings
Select Messaging
Select an application
Uncheck the option Access screen in Notifications

Restrict notifications (Image: Apple / Edit: OMT)

Even more useful tips

Laying down the iPhone is just one way to make the battery last longer. There are a number of other useful tips that will help you charge your phone less. These include not closing your applications too much or limiting notifications.

To give you a helping hand I recently published a list of ten handy tips that you can use. Interested? Then be sure to read the article at the link above!

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