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Why OnePlus and Oppo won’t be allowed to sell smartphones soon

Oppo and OnePlus have been doing well in the Netherlands in the smartphone field for years. The devices are popular, the group of fans is large and the prices are usually reasonably affordable. Yet there is a good chance that the whole fairy tale will come to an end. A choice that the two companies certainly do not make out of luxury.

It has everything to do with a long-running battle between Nokia and Oppo. Due to a lawsuit, the devices of those second parties are no longer allowed to be sold in Germany, but it doesn’t stop there. Will the two brands soon disappear from the Netherlands as well?

The battle between Nokia and Oppo

Nokia and Oppo, or rather parent company BBK Electronics, have been at odds for years. Patents and rights have for ages prevented different technology companies from agreeing with each other. Google is fighting with Sonos for this reason and Nokia has its sights set on Oppo.

The problem is a patent surrounding the technology that enables a 4G connection on smartphones. According to Nokia, Oppo is unlawfully using it to provide its customers with such a connection. Rightly so, the Mannheim court held last month. However, the order from the courtroom was not very favorable to the Finnish company. The two parties must, in fact, work it out for themselves. Something that, despite the ruling, logically fails.

Android smartphones OPPO Reno6The new device from OPPO (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

For exactly that reason, Regional Court of Munich has decided to solve the problem for the two parties. Oppo may, as of August 5, 2022, no longer sell phones in Germany. A real smartphone ban, in other words.

What does OnePlus have to do with this?

Since last week, Oppo’s German website no longer has references to smartphones. Something that is also the case with OnePlus’ website. But what does that brand have to do with the battle between Nokia and Oppo? The answer is quite simple: it uses the same technology as the latter brand.

Oppo and OnePlus have been part of the same parent company for years: BBK Electronics. Although, unfortunately, the similarity doesn’t stop there. Some smartphones from the former company look suspiciously familiar to fans of the latter. Something that also certainly applies to OnePlus, which sometimes borrows a design or two from Oppo. Especially since the two companies have merged, the similarities have been completely undeniable.

OnePlus 10 Pro AndroidTight in the blue light (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

So that’s also the reason why there is a pretty good chance that both parties will disappear in the Netherlands. At least, in the smartphone field. Nokia has not only sued Oppo in Germany for patent infringement. The battle is now also going on in France, Finland, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands. Given the ruling in Germany, we consider it quite likely that these countries will also end up with a ban.

The solution for OnePlus and Oppo

So OnePlus and Oppo are in for a treat, to say the least. However, there is a way for the two companies to escape the consequences of the battle. Although this one is anything but cheap.

For Nokia still wants to have €2.50 per smartphone sold that uses the license. Not just for the devices sold in Germany, but worldwide. That’s a fortune that Oppo and OnePlus could raise together, but could cause a lot of problems financially. In that respect, it might be better for both parties to withdraw from the market.

Time will tell how the situation develops in the Netherlands, but we are not happy about it.

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