1662675755 Why Samsung is lashing out at the new iPhone 14

Why Samsung is lashing out at the new iPhone 14

Samsung and Apple often work together behind the scenes, but in public they are great rivals of each other. They compete in different markets. Think smartphones, tablets, earbuds and more. The South Korean manufacturer sometimes releases jokingly intended videos about Apple’s products. And now we see that happening again.

In those videos, Samsung pokes fun at Apple’s offerings, while of course touting its own portfolio. This is an effective marketing strategy, as many consumers feast on this type of content. But let’s not forget that in the meantime we are all watching a commercial.

Samsung pokes fun at iPhone 14

But that doesn’t have to spoil the fun. You can of course just see the humor in this and leave the rest for what it is. This is the second video that Samsung has published about the new iPhones. Earlier, the manufacturer posted a mock video in which it presented all kinds of innovations that are not coming to the iPhone.

Now there is at least a new video, which we have posted above. In the video we are introduced to a character named Elena, who tries everything to forget about her friend’s new Galaxy Z Flip 4. In the ad, we don’t see which smartphone she has now, but we can all guess that.

Never switch to Samsung

At the beginning of the video, Elena states that she will never switch to Samsung. “I would never switch to Samsung. I love my phone,” she says. But during a short period after that, we see how she struggles with that. And yes, at the end of this two-minute journey, she obviously orders a Flip 4.

In this way, Samsung is still trying to get a piece of the pie from the unveiling of the iPhone 14 line. This line was presented by Apple on Wednesday night and includes four variants: the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. All phones have their unique features and components.

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