Why the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be the best smartphone in years

When you buy a high-end Samsung smartphone in the Netherlands, it will have an Exynos processor. This is a processor line from the manufacturer itself, which often lags behind the competition. This has been a thorn in the side of many users for years, but as things look now, that problem will disappear.

That’s because Samsung and Qualcomm are going to work together more, the chip producer announced. From that press release, it appears that future, premium Galaxy smartphones will have Snapdragon chips. But so will PCs, tablets, devices for extended reality and more.

Collaboration with Qualcomm

Snapdragon is the name of Qualcomm’s processor line. Those processors are now expected to come to all premium Samsung smartphones worldwide. And that’s good news for users. Because in addition to lesser performance, Exynos models of premium Galaxy phones are more likely to have problems.

Looks fine (Image: Mark Hofman/ WANT)

For example, those devices get much hotter than their Snapdragon brethren. In addition, many parties also often conclude that the camera capabilities are better when the phones have chips from Qualcomm. Also, the battery would last much less because of the processor and users of the Samsung S22 have GPS connection problems. In short: Snapdragon seems to be better than the Exynos competition in many ways.

Samsung is done with it

Many Samsung customers have complained about the problems over the past few years, and the company is done with it. At least for the next five years, we’re going to see all kinds of premium phones from the Korean brand with Snapdragon silicon on board. That should be music to many people’s ears.

So does this mean the end of the Exynos line? It doesn’t look like it, because Samsung also announces that it is still working on a fresh line of processors that will wash away the bad taste of the old chips. Whether that processor will be based on the recently presented 3nm production is not clear.

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