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Why the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be more unique than in past years

Although the Galaxy S23 has yet to show its face at all, looks already seem to be set on its successor. The Samsung Galaxy S24 may reportedly get a feature that could make your phone a whole lot better. WANT editor Jeroen Kraak tells you all about it.

We’re still in the weeks of iPhone launch now, but after that many eyes will turn to Samsung. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is due sometime in the early months of 2023. Yet we are already secretly looking at 2024, the year when the Galaxy S24 will come out.

Samsung Galaxy S24 with…WiFi-7?

This attention to the Samsung Galaxy S24 is there for a reason. In fact, new news reports that this device may be using WiFi 7. The connectivity is scheduled for the second half of 2024, so Samsung could be all over that.

Of course, you may be asking yourself what exactly WiFi 7 is. This is a technology for wireless internet. It can support 300Mz channels with 4K quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM).

Samsung Galaxy S22 S23 S24The Samsung Galaxy S22 (Image: Mark Hofman/ WANT)

Even faster and better internet

Lots of English terms of course, but in the end it boils down to 2.4 times faster Internet compared to predecessor WiFi 6. This allows you to get a speed of 30Gbps with peaks of up to 40Gbps. So something you are only too happy to see on your Samsung Galaxy S24.

But not only the speed is an advantage of WiFi 7. It additionally provides a more stable connection. Thus, you won’t have the problem of disconnection as quickly with a modem.

Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S24

That the Samsung Galaxy S24 is being mentioned is not surprising. Samsung is the leader in terms of applying new WiFi technologies to smartphones. Several chipmakers are also already working on the new Internet speed.

For example, MediaTek has already demonstrated the technology and Qualcomm is also already working on the FastConnect 7800 chip. Intel is going to bring the technology to laptops in 2024. So we are going to see it on more than just the Samsung Galaxy S24 and other smartphones.

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