Why you shouldnt buy the iPhone SE 2020 for a

Why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone SE (2020) for a while

The iPhone SE (2020) is a wonderful option for consumers who don’t want to spend too much money on a smartphone, but still want to enjoy an iPhone. Although it’s smart to put off the possible purchase of the device for a very short time.

This has everything to do with the first Apple event of 2022. Today the American company will show all kinds of new products that you as a consumer can get your hands on soon. The chance that a new SE is among them is quite large.

No iPhone SE for a while (2020)

It is smart to wait a while before buying your new iPhone SE (2020). It may be that the smartphone will be upgraded this week and you, probably for the same money, can get a better smartphone.

Rumors, leaks and reliable sources have been hinting at the arrival of the new SE for some time, but of course it’s not official yet. Therefore, we cannot yet say with full certainty that Apple will actually show the smartphone during the Peek Performance event, as the event is called.

refurbished iPhone SE 2020 GroupdealiPhone SE 2020 (Image: Apple)

Wondering if you should wait to buy your iPhone SE (2020) or go with the latest model? Then watch the Apple event live on the company’s own website starting tonight at 7pm.

What can we expect?

As mentioned, we have already managed to gather quite a bit of information about the new SE. The chances that it will have a similar design as the iPhone SE (2020) are incredibly high, but under the hood there will be some differences. Think for example of the A15 Bionic chip: the processor that is currently also found in the iPhone 13 series.

What we can expect and what we hope to see are two different things (unfortunately). Still, we couldn’t resist listing all those things for you.

Wondering what we would like to see from the iPhone SE (2022)? Then read the article above!