Why you shouldnt delete apps if your iPhone is low

Why you shouldn’t delete apps if your iPhone is low on storage

Is your iPhone completely packed and barely able to accommodate new photos and videos? Then you’re probably already on your way to deleting a few apps, but that’s not necessarily the solution. Instead, you’re better off doing something else.

When you delete an app, you also delete all the data associated with it. Fortunately, if you’re sure you’re never going to use an app again, that’s not a problem. However, if you ever do want to download that app again, you will lose all the data and have to set everything up again.

iPhone feature Cleans up apps

Fortunately, there is a better way. In fact, the iPhone’s Clear Apps feature lets you free up storage on your phone without deleting apps.

Go to your iPhone’s storage settings. To do this, go to Settings and then General and finally iPhone Storage. Then activate Spare apps on, which is under Recommendations.

Iphone 14 modelsThe 14 with its big brother. (Image: Mark Hofman/WANT)

Data is preserved

According to Apple, Ruim apps op should help you free up storage space without losing documents and data. The apps themselves often take up more space than the data associated with them, so this is nice.

Apps that get cleaned up must have not been used for a reasonable number of days before they are eligible to be cleaned up. So you don’t have to worry that apps will be deleted after just a day or two of inactivity.

iPhone 14, Android, phone, apple, whatsappIn full glory (Image: Mark Hofman/WANT)


To re-download a cleared app, all you have to do is click the app again. In fact, the app’s icon will remain. Your iPhone can download and install the app again for you from the App Store.

However, you should note that apps deleted from the App Store are lost forever when they are cleared by your iPhone. You cannot then download them again.

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