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Will Apple unveil the new iPhone 14 sooner than expected after all?

Apple has begun filming its iPhone 14 event. At least, that’s what Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is bringing out. This not only creates anticipation that the smartphone may be coming sooner than expected, but also directly answers a burning question.

Every Sunday, Mark Gurman updates Bloomberg followers on his latest findings on Apple. In Power On, he discusses the most notable, and most reliable, information he has received from various sources.


Who is Mark Gurman?

Mark Gurman is a technology journalist working at Bloomberg. He has been writing about Apple for more than a decade, used to work for 9to5Mac and is among the most reliable sources. He is anno 2022 mainly known for his own newsletter: Power On.

iPhone 14 event once again digital

The most important news of this week is about the iPhone 14 event. That Apple will show the new smartphones in September is pretty much a given, although we don’t yet know exactly on what date we can expect it. Usually such events are scheduled for the second Tuesday of September. In this case, it would mean that Apple will show the devices on September 13.

Still, the company may be a little earlier with the announcement this year. According to Mark Gurman, the shooting, and editing process, of the presentation video has already begun. That actually says two things: Apple can already let loose on the first Tuesday of September ánd the event is once again digital.

iPhone 14 Tim Cook AppleApple CEO Tim Cook (Image: AFP / Mandel Ngan)

After WWDC2022, there were hopes that the American company would make the physical events return. Whether the American company will once again allow a handful of journalists to come to Cupertino is not known, but the chances seem slim that there will be a large physical party to celebrate.

Not just in September

The iPhone 14 event in September is not the only thing Apple has planned, by the way. Mark Gurman reveals that the American company also has something to announce in October. It is expected that we will see new iPad models and Macs.

These include the new M2 Mac mini, the M2 MacBook Pro and two variants of the HomePods. Want to read more? You check out Gurman’s newsletter at the link.

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