1671155662 Xiaomi comes out with its own iPhone 14 Pro and

Xiaomi comes out with its own iPhone 14 Pro (and it’s a lot cheaper)

The Chinese smartphone market has added two brand new flagships: the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro. Two models armed with impressive specs, snappy camera systems and a design that looks a little too familiar to us. Is this an Android or secretly the iPhone 14 Pro after all?

Creativity has been a long way off in the smartphone market for years. Except for foldable phones, anno 2022 the devices practically all look the same. Simply put: big screens in a square housing with a camera block on the back that is far too big. But that it can be much worse, Xiaomi shows with its brand new flagship.

Xiaomi flagship is cheap iPhone 14 Pro

Although smartphones anno 2022 still differ little in design, an iPhone 14 Pro is easily distinguishable from an Android phone. Mostly, that is. Xiaomi has introduced two new flagships for the Chinese market that look quite familiar to us, to say the least.

The back of the Xiaomi 13 (Pro) gives it away that it’s not an actual iPhone 14 Pro, but the rest of the device is frighteningly close. The flat screen, the stripes for the antenna, the location of the charging port and speakers all match. Those who see the photos for the first time immediately recognize the similarities.

Xiaomi, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple, Android, iOSLook familiar? (Image: Xiaomi)

Now, it’s not like Apple is using a unique design with its iPhone 14 Pro, but it’s clear where Xiaomi is getting its inspiration. So Android users who like the design of an iPhone can enjoy it for a soft price. AND the Android operating system, of course.


Xiaomi 13 Pro

The Xiaomi 13 Pro is the flagship of 2023 and carries impressive specs. For example, it features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, support for 120W charging and 50-megapixel cameras. Cost: $717, but unfortunately only available in China.

Xiaomi, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple, Android, iOSStill different (Image: Xiaomi)

Android vs iOS

The debate surrounding Android and iOS is likely to erupt again thanks to the Xiaomi 13 Pro. We at WANT understand that all too well, by the way, as it remains an interesting one.

Not surprisingly, the most recent episode of Freakin’ Nerds, our editors’ podcast, focuses entirely on the topic. You can listen to it below: