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Apple wants to make iPhone more accessible with new subscription

A new iPhone can be quite pricey. Especially with a Pro or Pro Max, the price runs up quickly. Apple now has an idea to make it more accessible.

The iPhone SE is, of course, a great entry-level iPhone model. It is not as expensive as the regular models and is quite fast. However, if you want more you end up with the regular models which are another step more expensive. The price may deter you from buying a phone and you may not want to buy the phone at the same time as a mobile subscription. Apple now comes with a solution.

A subscription for the iPhone

According to the usually well-informed medium Bloomberg, Apple is now working on a subscription for hardware. This would mean that with that subscription you would own an iPad or iPhone. If all goes well, Apple plans to introduce it next year. The intention is that you will have a subscription for 12 or 24 months. Possibly you can also automatically upgrade when a new model comes out, as we are used to annually from an iPhone. It is therefore not the case that the subscription fee is equal to the price of a device spread over a number of months. If this is a success, Apple may want to roll it out to other products.

Distributing the price over a number of months is possible in some countries. In the United States, for example, it has an interest-free loan for customers to buy an iPhone. A similar arrangement is also in place for Apple Card holders.

Apple Peek PerfomanceNew stuff! (Image: Apple)

Apple’s revenue model

Subscriptions are nothing new for Apple. The company already runs quite a few services that require you to pay monthly. How about Apple TV+, Music, Arcade and One. In other countries there are even more services such as News+ and Fitness+. You can also pay monthly for Apple Care to have extra warranty for your device.