1649952286 Googles secret iOS app should make Android more attractive

Google’s secret iOS app should make Android more attractive

Google has secretly launched a new application. It is an iOS app that is going to make it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android. Party for anyone who has been hesitating for some time, then.

This is the Switch to Android application that allows users to easily transfer all their files. You just have to know how to get it, because it works a little differently than usual.

Google’s Switch to Android

Previously, if you wanted to transfer your iPhone data to Android, you had to connect two smartphones together using a cable. Not a disaster, but it wasn’t very accessible. Thanks to the new Switch to Android app, Google is changing that. The most important data from iOS can be transferred to your new Android smartphone completely wirelessly. Think of your contacts, photos, videos and appointments in your calendar.

Within Google’s secret iOS app, it is not possible to transfer Messages. If you use iMessage a lot, then you know that all your conversations are not taken along. Google does give you a detailed explanation of how to turn off Apple’s messaging service. That’s just how they are.

This is how you install Google’s iOS app

For many hesitant iOS users, the Switch to Android app may be a reason to finally switch. Google makes the switching process considerably easier. The downside, however, is that the app, at the time of writing, cannot be found in the App Store on your iPhone. That’s the reason the app is secret, get it?

To download Google’s new iOS app, you must go to this link via your iPhone.

Android vs iOS

Google is making it easier for consumers to switch from iOS to Android. Whether very many people will actually do so is, of course, questionable. The battle between the two operating systems has been a thing in smart phone land for years. People who love iOS don’t like Android and vice versa. But is the difference really that big?

In the year 2022, software is mainly a matter of taste, but what do the devices have to offer? To be able to give you that answer, we have put the two top devices on the market next to each other. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Android) and the iPhone 13 Pro Max (iOS) battle it out in the article above.