iPhone Studio the imposing smartphone were really never going to.webp

iPhone Studio: the imposing smartphone we’re really never going to see

Apple’s imposing Mac Studio has a design that would fit the iPhone perfectly. It’s not something we would have thought of right away, but the concept by noted designer Antonio De Rosa changes our minds.

De Rosa brings out his most recent project and introduces us to the iPhone Studio. A smartphone that Apple will never bring to market.

iPhone Studio: the best of both worlds?

The Mac Studio has a distinct design. Practically speaking, it can be called a large Mac mini with a larger fan on the bottom. Something that is also clearly seen in the iPhone Studio by Antonio De Rosa. The back of the smartphone has been given a similar design to the fan at the bottom of the Studio. The camera system is horizontal, the buttons are arranged slightly differently and the edges color along with the various options.

Like the Mac Studio, the iPhone Studio is also a powerhouse. In the concept, the smartphone features the A16 Ultra chip, USB-C, 3D Audio and a camera system with ProCamera, among others. Of course, it also uses the new display layout. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are expected to feature a pill-shaped notch this year. Check out the concept via the video below:

Pro tip: On De Rosa’s website, the iPhone Studio can also be viewed in Augmented Reality. This link will take you to the 360-degree experience.

The foldable smartphone

As mentioned, Antonio De Rosa is no stranger. The designer has been providing the world with all kinds of unique iPhone concepts for ages. They are not always realistic, but it is entertaining to see what the possibilities can be. For example, about two months ago De Rosa also introduced the iPhoneAir. In this concept, the designer takes the idea behind the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and converts it to an Apple smartphone.

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