Samsungs green wish is good news for your Android smartphone

Samsung’s green wish is good news for your Android smartphone

It looks like Samsung has good intentions, regarding the sustainability of its devices and its impact on the environment. It seems that the company wants to change its policy regarding the repair of smartphones. Unfortunately, at the time of writing the plans have not been confirmed.

We all run into it at one time or another: a smartphone that breaks. Then comes the question: do you buy a new one or get it fixed? Many consumers today are environmentally conscious, so they choose option two. And although option two already exudes sustainability, it can always be more sustainable.

Is Samsung pushing sustainability further?

If Business Korea is to be believed, the company wants to shake up its repair program. When smartphones come in for repair, the manufacturer may no longer start using new parts. Instead, Samsung will then use parts from old devices for repair.

Samsung Galaxy S21 S22 FE seriesThe Samsung Galaxy S21 (Image: Samsung)

Incidentally, it’s not clear if consumers will be able to buy such parts themselves or if this will only happen if they send in their device. It would be cool if Samsung sends the parts themselves, since the company previously set up a do-it-yourself program with iFixit. Then you’re really maximizing sustainability.

Waiting for confirmation

Unfortunately, we now have to wait for Samsung to confirm. In fact, it is not at all certain yet if the company is planning the above at all. In any case, Business Korea reports that if the plans go through, the parts will be available for repairs in the second half of the year.

Moreover, the medium is only talking about smartphones. Samsung of course offers many more devices, such as tablets, laptops and smartwatches. It is not clear as of yet if second-hand parts will be available for those as well. We hope this news is true; the more durable, the better.