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13,000 euros and 2,000 kilometers: is this the hybrid car of your dreams?

When in doubt between an electric car and a gasoline car, a hybrid is a nice middle ground. The new one from BYD is a fine option for that, because it is cheap and has a huge range.

Hybrid cars use both gasoline and electricity as energy sources. The big advantage is that you have much less charging stress and these vehicles are often cheaper than fully electric cars.

But BYD now seems to be making it even more attractive to choose a hybrid anyway. The company is now developing two cars that can travel 2,000 kilometers on a full battery and tank.

BYD’s hybrid for 13,000 euros

The two hybrid cars use BYD’s latest powertrain. They are two sedans and should cost less than 100,000 yuan, which is 13,000 euros converted. Other than that, the company won’t reveal much about the cars. So we know nothing about power and how big the battery is.

Should the two hybrid cars come to Europe in addition to China, this promises to be stiff competition for the other brands. Such a huge range at such a low price is fairly unique, although the price will probably be a bit higher here. With a range of 2000 kilometers, you can easily drive from Amsterdam to Valencia with a full tank and battery.

This 13,000 euro hybrid car has 2000 kilometers of rangeBYD Seal (Image: BYD)

BYD is one of the most successful carmakers from China and is also gaining a foothold in the West. By 2023, for example, the company sold about 3 million cars. That puts it about on par with Kia, which also managed to sell about 3 million units.

The alternative to an electric car?

But by selling a hybrid sedan with 2,000 kilometers of range for less than 13,000 euros, it could rock the car market. At least it may be a reason for people to wait a while before buying an all-electric car.

Incidentally, the brand already manages to impress the electric car market as well. In our country, for example, it sells the BYD Dolphin. According to the ANWB, it has a range of 340 kilometers (although during a WLTP test it was 427 kilometers) and costs 29,990 euros.

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