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15 emoji that are almost always misinterpreted

A conversation on WhatsApp or iMessage without emoji? According to many, that is no longer possible anno nowadays. The virtual characters often make conversations more fun, but not always clearer. Emoji misses still occasionally occur, and when they do, there are some obvious culprits.

Most emoji are pretty obvious. A thumb means good and a middle finger means fokka joe. Nevertheless, there are some emoticons that are less clear. This is sometimes due to the fact that the characters have their origins in Japan. But the emoji also sometimes look different on different operating systems. Which emoji cause the most problems? We figured it out.

1. The folded hands

Misinterpretation: Two hands praying.
Actual meaning: These folded hands mean “please” or “thank you” in Japanese.

Person with folded hands emojiClick/tap for larger.

2. Dizziness

Misinterpretation: A (falling) star.
Actual meaning: Symbol to indicate dizziness.

dizzy emoji 001Click/tap for larger.

3. Raised hands

Misinterpretation: Hands depicting hallelujah.
Actual meaning: Celebrating hands.

raised hands 001Click/tap for larger.

4. Head Massage

Misinterpretation: A woman with something on her head.
Actual meaning: This woman is getting a head massage.

Head MassageClick/tap for larger.

5. A person with hand raised

Misinterpretation: Often this emoji is used to denote a “sassy” person.
Actual meaning: It is someone who works behind an information desk.

emoji hand upClick/tap for larger.

6. The OK gesture

Misinterpretation: It is rather unclear what this woman is doing. A dance!
Actual meaning: She is indicating that she is OK.

ok woman emoji 001Click/tap for larger.

7. A deep bow

Misinterpretation: A stressed person.
Actual meaning: Someone who takes a deep bow.

bow emoji 001Click/tap for larger.

8. Open hands

Misinterpretation: Two pushing hands.
Actual meaning: This is a hug, or it can be used as Jazz hands.

open hands 001Click/tap for larger.

9. The snub bubble

Misinterpretation: Someone who is crying.
Actual meaning: A (sleeping) emoji with a snot bubble.

snot bubble emoji 001Click/tap for larger.

10. Women with rabbit ears

Misinterpretation: Two dancing girls.
Actual meaning: Two playboy bunny’s or Japanese bunny girls; A pretty woman with two bunny ears.

women rabbit ears 001Click/tap for larger.

11. The uncomfortable face

Misinterpretation: A face smiling broadly.
Actual meaning: A face in an uncomfortable situation.

uncomfortable face 001Click/tap for larger.

12. Hug

Misinterpretation: An emoji showing its hands.
Actual meaning: A hug.

hug emoji 001Click/tap for larger.

13. Face enjoying food

Misinterpretation: A puppet sticking out its tongue.
Actual meaning: Someone enjoying their food.

etonClick/tap for larger.

14. Face with a drop

Misinterpretation: A crying emoji.
Actual meaning: A disappointed emoji with a drop of sweat.

emoji drop 001Click/tap for larger.

15. Silence

Misinterpretation: Doll with no mouth and big eyes.
Real meaning: Being silent or not (able to) say anything, standing with mouth full.

silence emoji 001Click/tap for larger.

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