1Password focuses not only on passwords but also on crypto

1Password focuses not only on passwords, but also on crypto

1Password is a password manager: a program we recommend to every Internet user. Now it also has a link to crypto built in. This also allows you to store data from a specific wallet within the manager. The big question now is whether this is something users are waiting for, or whether this move will cost the company users.

The popular password manager is partnering with Phantom Technologies. 1Password is bringing its api to the Phantom platform. People with a Phantom wallet and an active subscription to the password manager will therefore be able to store their login information securely with the service.

1Password steps into crypto, sort of

Users of the Phantom platform can thus store the address of their wallet. But also their password and the secret phrase that allows you to access your own crypto coins afterwards. All cryptocurrency-related content is stored by 1Password within a new section of the manager.

The Phantom wallet is a free-to-use digital cryptowallet that allows users to store, sell, send and receive coins. The condition is that those coins work with Solana’s decentralized blockchain. The wallet can be accessed through a web browser, but recently received an iPhone app as well.

1password 8 webappThe 1password 8 webapp (Image: SixColors)

First step in crypto

This is 1Password’s first step into crypto. Some users may see this as a convenient option. Because when you lose access to your digital wallet, in many cases you simply lose everything. So storing your login information securely can prevent a disaster scenario, in this case.

However, the question now is to what extent users will accept this. Many people think crypto is a scam of the highest order. Otherwise they think that maintaining this market costs too much energy. Some people therefore boycott companies that do anything with cryptocurrency.

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