1Password helps Apple end the traditional password

1Password helps Apple end the traditional password

1Password announces that it will support companies like Apple in eliminating the traditional password. In addition to the iPhone maker, Google and Microsoft, among others, are also working on this. So this is quite a big deal, which makes it nice to see that password managers are joining in nicely as well.

So how exactly is 1Password going to do that? Well, the password manager makes it clear that it is going to support passkeys. This should start happening starting next year. In addition, the company announces that it has joined the FIDO Alliance, the alliance that wants to say goodbye to the traditional password.

1Password joins Apple and the rest

Since 1Password is now part of the board of the FIDO Alliance, it will have more say in the direction of a passwordless future. With this move, the company hopes to fulfill a promise. And that promise is to “make this feature accessible to everyone” and anywhere in the world.

WWDC 2022 MacOS 13 SafariPasskey in Safari (Image: Apple)

If you go to 1Password’s blog post to peruse the news at your leisure, you’ll also come across a demo page there. So you can get a glimpse of the future where we all no longer have to use passwords. The demo allows you to create a passkey and save it immediately.

No passwords in the future

Many companies do see this future, so they are all backing the idea of the passkey. 1Password has even published a complete list of companies that will support these things. Of course, the new standard will soon need broad support to succeed in its goal.

For Apple users, it’s good to know that passkey support is already built into iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16 and macOS Ventura. The idea behind these things is simple: people often create lousy passwords, so we need something else. With passkeys, you log in using biometrics or a QR code.

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