3 Google Pixel features wed like to see back on

3 Google Pixel features we’d like to see back on the iPhone 15

It’s still a while away, but we at OMT are already looking forward to the iPhone 15 with great anticipation. Of course, we also have a wish list of features we’d like to see in this phone. Here are 3 cool Google Pixel features we’d love to see on Apple’s next smartphone.

There is already considerable speculation about the possible specs and features of Apple’s new phone. While it will likely be a (minor) improvement on its predecessor, there are some features that we hope Apple culls from Google. These are them.

These Google Pixel features we want on the iPhone 15!

Of course, both parties are always borrowing from each other. But that also ensures that, thanks to these developments, we always get new features from party A or from party B. In any case, we would like to see these features on the iPhone.

#1 Handy for when you’re on hold

When you call a company, you frequently end up on hold. Very irritating, but fortunately the Google Pixel (as of the Pixel 5) has a handy Hold For Me mode. Here, Google uses Duplex, which can be seen as an automated system that can make calls for you.

Google Pixel 7 ProPixel (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

This allows Google Assistant to give you a notification when you are taken off hold. That way, there’s no reason to ever listen to the irritating call waiting tunes again. As an iPhone user, WANT editor Sabine is incredibly jealous.

Although the feature is not currently available to Google Pixel users in the Benelux, it would be a nice addition for the new iPhone. We consider it unlikely to actually happen, at least not anytime soon.

#2 Built-in feature for astrophotography on iPhone 15

The Google Pixel has a special mode (as of the Pixel 3) that allows taking quality photos of the night sky. The feature uses special algorithms and machine learning to reduce noise in low-light situations. A stable surface is required, but the results are sublime.

For the iPhone, you normally use a special app for this. And so a built-in mode that can properly photograph stars, planets and other celestial bodies would not be out of place at all. Such a feature would only enhance the camera capabilities of the device.

Google Pixel 7, Android, iPhoneCalling but! (Image: Google)

#3 Recognizing songs without an app

Forget Shazam and Soundhound. Google Pixel devices have a Now Playing feature (as of the Pixel 2) that lets you know what song is currently playing in the room you’re in. The name of the song and the artist are displayed on the lock screen. So there is no need to open an app.

This super handy feature should come to the new iPhone as far as WANT editor Sabine is concerned. It happens quite often that you hear a song, but cannot find the name of the artist or the song. That would be a thing of the past with such a function!

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