5 new WhatsApp features were dying to have

5 new WhatsApp features we’re dying to have

WhatsApp just keeps innovating itself. Every so often, new bells and whistles are added. In this article we tell you what you can expect from the messaging service in the near future. This includes a number of handy new features.

We can’t really live without WhatsApp anymore. The chat app is easy, because you quickly send messages to your friends and family. Over time, quite a few new features have been added. For example, it is now even easier to send large files and we can pause while recording a voice message. Yet there is much more in the pipeline. Jeroen tells you about the last five features that the messaging service is now developing.

#1 Blocking screenshots when sending once

This is one of those features where you ask yourself why it’s not there yet. When you send something once, you do it for a reason. You don’t want it to come back again. Yet, until now, that is possible if the other user takes a screenshot. Now WhatsApp is working hard to make this impossible. So we can expect this feature soon, reports the messaging service.

#2 Silently leaving a group

We can well understand that sometimes you are completely done with a group on WhatsApp. Still, it can be quite a threshold to leave it. That will soon become a lot easier. WhatsApp will allow you to leave a group quietly. This means that not everyone gets a notification. Only the administrator can still see that. It ensures that not everyone is on to it anymore and some prankster will hurl you back into the group. The feature should be available to everyone later this month.

WhatsAppNew features! (Image: WhatsApp)

#3 No longer visible in WhatsApp

It can be very irritating when people see when you are online. Especially if you don’t feel like replying to someone for a while. Fortunately, this is going to disappear in WhatsApp, because soon you will be able to set who can see your online status. That will save you a lot of messages from impatient people who say “Yes, but you’re online.” Too bad for them. Just like leaving the group, this feature is coming out later this month.

#4 Communities

WhatsApp also seems to be making another move on Communities. Meta-topman Mark Zuckerberg revealed his vision about it, but after that it remained pretty quiet. Yet now another step seems to have been taken, as we see the Communities button appear in the desktop version of the app, thanks to the observant eye of WABetaInfo. So it looks like Communities will be visible in a special menu. That’s pretty darn convenient, so they don’t end up among our normal chats.

WhatsApp CommunitiesCommunities. (Image: WABetaInfo)

#5 Login protection for WhatsApp

Sometimes you have sensitive conversations in WhatsApp. As such, you don’t want anyone to have access to them. Of course, you can already opt for two-step verification, but if you really want to feel safe, you should use this new feature. You will get a warning if someone else wants to use your WhatsApp account. This way you won’t be bothered by people abusing your account.

1660513685 588 5 new WhatsApp features were dying to haveAn alert for uninvited guests. (Image: WABetaInfo)

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