5 reasons why an Amazon Prime subscription is worth it

Amazon Prime Video

Now that Amazon is actually active in the Netherlands, it has become even more interesting to subscribe to Amazon Prime. But what exactly do you get out of it?

The list of plus points has grown considerably since the launch of Amazon Prime. So a refresher is in order.

Five reasons why you want an Amazon Prime subscription now

So we’ve listed the tastiest benefits of Amazon Prime for you. Some of these you probably already know, but a few are probably new to you.

1. Free expedited shipping

Some time ago, this feature was the main reason to purchase a Prime subscription. Since then, it has been modified several times. Today, you get free delivery within two days on almost all items, plus free delivery within one day on more than 10 million items. All with no minimum purchase. Some places even allow free same-day delivery on more than 3 million items(!)

2. Prime Video

With a Prime membership, you also get access to Prime Video. The service lets you stream thousands of movies and TV shows for free, including originals produced by Amazon. A few of those titles are ones you should definitely check out. Like Netflix and other streaming services, the catalog changes quickly. So watch your favorite titles quickly, while you still can.

Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video (Image: Amazon)

3. Photos for Amazon Prime

Thanks to Amazon Prime’s storage service, you no longer need an Apple or Google subscription to quickly store photos. Prime members get unlimited full-resolution storage and up to 5 GB of space for video. In addition, you get the ability to view files on all devices. You can also easily share files, just like with competing services.

4. Optimal enjoyment of Twitch

After Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch, as a Prime member you’ll enjoy wonderful benefits on the platform. If you link your Prime account, you can get free monthly games and in-game content and use one free Twitch channel subscription on your favorite streamer. You’ll also receive additional special promotions on pre-order video games.

TwitchTwitch (Image: Twitch)

5. Amazon Music Prime

Not interested in paying extra to stream music? No need. Prime subscribers get access to a few million songs, plus millions of podcast episodes. We should add that for full access, you’ll need to purchase an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Still, it’s a wonderful addition to an already great subscription.

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