1648243374 Adobe Scan is the ideal app to scan documents with

Adobe Scan is the ideal app to scan documents with your iPhone

There are countless applications available for your iPhone. Through the Apple App Store it is possible to take your smartphone to the next level and make daily tasks a lot easier. In that respect, Adobe Scan hits the nail on the head.

Thanks to this handy application, scanning documents and receipts is, in my experience, easier than ever. Best of all: it’s completely free!

Adobe Scan: what is the app for?

Adobe Scan is a handy application that allows you to easily scan in documents, such as passports and receipts. You use the camera system of your iPhone to do this. The app will then analyze the document, load it and then export it to a PDF format.

The nice thing about this application is that it is mainly very fast. Adobe Scan is focused on convenience and you can actually see that in every part. The biggest convenience? The actual scanning of the documents. Thanks to the algorithm, the app is able to recognize text, so it immediately knows which document needs to be made digital. The moment this document is found it automatically takes a picture.

Adobe Scan iPhone(Image: Mark Hofman/ WANT)

Users are presented with this image directly and can still adjust the outline of the document. A small zoom functionality allows this to be done particularly accurately. Save the photo and you will be able to share it immediately as a black and white or color photo.

Save and share with your iPhone

The power of Adobe Scan is not only in the ease with which documents can be scanned. It’s also definitely in the way you can share them.

By default, all the scans you make in a single session are merged into a convenient PDF. This is then, for example via AirDrop, easy to share with other devices. Of course it is also possible to share a link via other services, send the PDF directly via email or send a copy of the document.

In addition, there are also options to sign a document, upload your scans to Adobe Acrobat and save pages as JPEG. If you choose the latter, all scans will appear separately in your iPhone’s photo library.

Adobe Scan iPhone(Image: Mark Hofman/ WANT)

How much will Adobe Scan cost you?

Adobe Scan is a free app, but it does work with in-app purchases. In this case, it is a Premium subscription, which allows you to get more out of the app. For €10.99 per month, you get the following features:

Exporting PDFs to Word, Excel, or Powerpoint
Combine multiple files
Compress files
Password protect scans
Text recognition of up to 100 pages
20GB storage space in Document Cloud
Access to Acrobat Reader Premium

The standard functionalities of Adobe Scan can be used on your iPhone, even without the Premium subscription.

Adobe Scan: the ideal scanning app for your iPhone

It should be obvious: Adobe Scan is very user-friendly and really makes sharing scanned documents very easy. It is fair to say that the price for a Premium subscription is a bit steep, but for many people the ease of use may be a reason to opt for it after all.

By the way, keep in mind that certain Creative Cloud subscriptions also support the use of Adobe Scan.

Adobe Scan iPhone(Image: Mark Hofman/ WANT)

The alternatives in the App Store

Of course, it could be that Adobe Scan doesn’t pique your interest or that the functionalities don’t warm to you. In that respect, the Apple App Store also offers excellent alternatives for your iPhone. Just a few of the offerings:

Scanner App | Free + in-app purchases
Mobile Scanner | Free + in-app purchases
PDF Scanner | Free + in-app purchase
iScanner | Free + in-app purchase
CamScanner | Free + in-app purchase

For those of you interested, Adobe Scan is also available for Android.