1678513198 After nearly a decade Facebook finally tackles its Messenger problem

After nearly a decade, Facebook finally tackles its Messenger problem

For the first time since 2014, a solution to an irritating Messenger problem is underway. Facebook is working behind the scenes to fix its messaging app’s inbox. And it’s about time.

Since the disappearance of the functionality within Messenger, users were anything but happy. Facebook’s action caused consumers to have to install a separate application to access their messages. So that problem appears to be over soon.

Facebook tackles problem with Messenger

At this point, Facebook has already invited a number of users to participate in the test. This shows that Meta, the company behind the platform, is already fairly far along in its development.

The test subjects are able, for the first time since 2014, to see messages coming in through Messenger also in the Facebook app. Funnily enough, for many of them it will be the first time this is possible.

WhatsApp Telegram FacebookWhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram. (Image: ANP XTRA LEX VAN LIESHOUT)

The inability to read messages from Messenger in the app has long felt like an irritation. But the company itself let it be known in a blog post on its website that that irritation will be remedied. Finally.

“We’re currently testing the ability for people to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app and you’ll see that we’re expanding this test soon,” Meta said. And that was basically all the company said about the feature.


What exactly is Messenger?

Messenger is a chat app that allows users to send text, voice and video messages. It offers group conversations, file sharing, games and bots for automated interactions.

Excellent health

In the post on its own website, Facebook takes the opportunity to also say more about the health of the platform. For example, it declares that it is still operating excellently, despite reports claiming otherwise.

“Contrary to reports to the contrary, Facebook is not dead or dying, but rather alive and kicking with 2 billion daily active users,” began Meta’s blog post. From there, Facebook spent many words trying to convince everyone that it is doing great.

Contrary to contrary reports, Facebook is not dead or dying

The reality, by the way, is somewhat different. Facebook and parent company Meta are still struggling to stay afloat in a world where people’s trust in the platform continues to decline. Strong competition doesn’t help, of course, but the company’s own reputation is also working against it.

Exactly when Facebook will integrate Messenger functionality with its iPhone app is unknown at this time.

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