1642783325 Amazon opens a physical clothing store that helps with algorithms

Amazon opens a physical clothing store that helps with algorithms

Amazon will soon open a physical clothing store where algorithms can help customers make the right clothing choices. The first store with which the company is trying out this new concept will open in California. Everything you plan to do in this store will work through an application.

This is the first physical clothing store that the online tech giant is opening. The store is about 2,800 square feet and is located in Los Angeles. Just like in regular clothing stores, the store displays the available range of clothing. Before you can try something on, however, you have to grab your smartphone.

Amazon opens clothing store

Indeed, customers must scan a code with their smartphone and the Amazon app, to choose the color and size. Then they have to get in a digital queue for the fitting rooms, which they unlock through the same app. Whether this is a separate app is not clear at this point. So that remains to be seen.

Amazon Prime DayPrime Day (Image: Amazon)

Once customers are in the fitting rooms, they can shop undisturbed. The attending store staff then grabs the garments they would like to try on, allowing them to remain in the cubicle. The staff delivers the garments through a small cabinet that can be opened on both sides.

Touchscreen in the fitting room

Touchscreens in the fitting room offer customers more options, potentially making them want to try on more. Amazon, meanwhile, keeps track of which items you scan, so its algorithm thinks with you over time. If you do this often enough, it can help you make the right clothing choice, is the idea.

The moment a customer arrives at the fitting room, the store assistants will already have prepared everything. This includes all kinds of items that the customer has chosen for himself, but also items that the algorithm has linked to the person. It is now a matter of waiting to see whether such stores will catch on among the average consumer.

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