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Anonymous on Facebook: this is how you hide your own page from others

Do you have a Facebook page, but don’t really want it to be viewable by others? Whether it’s temporary or forever, luckily at Facebook they have thought about it! WANT editor Sabine explains how to protect your Facebook page from the outside world.

Reasons to hide your page from others can be because the page is not yet finished, or because you simply want to keep a page completely to yourself. Whatever your reason. Here’s how to hide your Facebook page from everyone but yourself!

Hiding Facebook page from others

Open Pages in Facebook’s left menu and open the page you want to hide from the outside world. Then click Settings at the bottom left of the screen. Under General, you’ll find Visibility of page at the top. Next to this text, press Edit. Choose Undo page publication and confirm with Save changes. You must then give a reason for undoing the publication.

With this method it is still possible to edit your Facebook page, but there are two more options you can perform to make your page invisible to the public. Namely, you can temporarily deactivate or completely delete your Facebook page. However, this will no longer allow you to make changes.

Facebook MetaHe takes steps from a meta… (Image: Noah Berger / AFP)

Deactivate or delete

Open your Facebook page by pressing your profile picture and selecting the appropriate page under View all profiles. Now press that page’s profile picture and open Settings and Privacy. Then choose Settings. In the left menu, press Privacy and then Facebook Page Details. Next to Deactivate and delete, you can click View. Here, choose Deactivate page. And then click Continue.

If you’re not so happy with your page after all, you can of course choose a more drastic measure. Namely by simply deleting your Facebook page altogether. Note, however, that this is a final action. You cannot retrieve the page once it has been deleted after the two-week reflection period you get. Delete permanently? Then follow the same steps as temporarily deactivating your page, but instead of the Deactivate Page option, choose Delete Page.

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