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App Store Pearls: getting as fit as Chris Hemsworth thanks to Centr

Every day we search the Internet to find the best apps from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. After watching Thor: Ragnarök again, OMT editor Dunke van Boekel would like to talk to you about Centr.

To become a Marvel superhero, you really will have to gain quite a few pounds of muscle. Chris Hemsworth (who plays Thor in those Marvel movies) knows that like no other, and thanks to App Store Pearl Centr for your iPhone, you can follow in his footsteps.

Thor’s workouts, from your iPhone

So Centr is an iPhone app that helps you live healthier, with support from the team that also coaches Chris Hemsworth. The App Store Pearl offers helps you in the areas of health, fitness and mental well-being.

You choose what your goals are with this iPhone app, then Centr shows you in the weekly planner what all you can do that week to achieve those goals. The App Store Pearl then also offers special programs that vary in length. By the way, the app is also compatible with HealthKit on your Apple Watch. For example, App Store Pearl tracks your workout and reads your heart rate.

In addition to fitness workouts, the iPhone app also offers you a good number of recipes to match your goals. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight or are just looking for a healthy snack. Centr’s meditative options, in turn, are said to provide peace of mind rather than stomach.

What may Centr cost?

With such a big name as Chris Hemsworth attached to the iPhone app, you must be wondering what that Centr may cost. Subscriptions look like this: 120 euros a year, 60 euros a quarter or as much as 30 euros a month.

Centr, App Store Pearls, iPhoneBit intimidating though. (Image: Centr)

Now are you willing to lay down such an amount for this App Store Pearl? Then install Centr on your iPhone today and who knows, you might end up playing a new Marvel hero.

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