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App Store Pearls: keep your good intentions with HabitKit on iPhone

Every day we do a lap around the Internet for you to find the best apps from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. OMT editor Dunke van Boekel ticks off another day of this writing section today on HabitKit. Perhaps this one will come in handy for you, too.

There are certain things you just have to repeat several times to really get a feel for them. Take guitar playing, you don’t learn that in a day, so you have to practice. HabitKit helps you maintain that consistency. For example, to write a piece every day in Obsidian.

HabitKit on iPhone shows you consistency

When you launch HabitKit you get the option to create a habit. You simply enter the title, any description and choose an icon. You can also choose a color for the table, whether you want a reminder at a certain time if the habit has not yet been tapped. It also helps you with how often you want to do the activity per week or month.

Then it’s up to you to perform your activity each day, open HabitKit on iPhone and press the check mark next to the habit. Then a block is colored in and you can see how much progress you are making.

The idea is that you get motivated by both a lack of cubes (because it looks more fun when they’re colored in) and by the “streak” you’re building. You don’t want to lose that on your iPhone, of course.

Simplicity is nice, but there’s something more

The app is very simple to use, which of course is wonderful. HabitKit Pro offers you some additional features, but they are not free. This is going to cost you 1.19 euros per month, 7.49 euros per year, or a one-time 22 euros.

App Store Pearls, iPhone, HabitKitHabitKit’s widget comes in handy nicely, by the way! (Image: HabitKit)

In exchange for your ducats, you then get an unlimited number of habits to add on your iPhone (the unpaid version lets you create up to 4). And you ex- and import all your information to a new device.

HabitKit is an App Store Pearl that absolutely won’t look out of place on your iPhone if you want consistency in learning new activities.

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