App Store Pearls PocketTube is the must have YouTube app for.webp

App Store Pearls: PocketTube is the must-have YouTube app for iPhone and MacBook

Every day we do a lap around the Internet for you to find the best apps from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Today, OMT editor Dunke van Boekel interrupts his binge of Star Wars trailers to tell you about PocketTube. The app to streamline your YouTube experience.

YouTube is packed with content, and it’s not getting any less. About 2,500 new videos are uploaded every minute, so there’s basically always something to watch. But with so much content, it can be hard to figure out who is making what. We like an overview, and PocketTube provides just that.

PocketTube lets you create groups on your iPhone and Macbook

The iPhone app and Mac extension let you create groups into which you can then categorize the YouTube channels you subscribe to. For example, create a group for Tech news and add WANT and Corridor Crew’s YouTube channel. Then you can open this group and videos from just these channels will be listed for you.

Thereby, PocketTube on iPhone lets you filter in that specific group by length and release date of the video. But also whether something is an actual upload, a livestream, short or upcoming premiere. Heart-stoppingly easy navigation, in other words!

App Store Pearls PocketTube is the must have YouTube app forHoplakee, just make a group of them. (Image: Dima Nabok/PocketTube)

There is also a PocketTube extension available for browsers on your MacBook. This extension simply integrates with the YouTube website and, in addition to the app’s features, adds a sort of dashboard where you highlight different playlists, groups and channels. This way, you can immediately see if your favorite YouTuber has posted something new online.

A clearer YouTube

There are some additional features available to people who donate to the iPhone app’s creator. That amount comes to $3.42 a month or $34 for a year. In exchange for your pennies, you get the ability to add subgroups (think news or comedy channels that cover similar topics) to groups on PocketTube.

It also becomes possible to sort videos via tags after you donate. Tap gaming on your MacBook, and you’ll see all the gaming-related videos from the channels you’re subscribed to. PocketTube makes it so nice and easy to quietly search through YouTube to find what you’re going to watch.

You can find the app here.

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