App Store Pearls T Minus takes your iPhone into space

App Store Pearls: T-Minus takes your iPhone into space

Every day we do a lap around the Internet for you to find the best apps in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Today, OMT editor Dunke van Boekel brings you closer to the stars. Or well, T-Minus does.

Space has a special kind of attraction. While there’s still plenty about our Earth that we don’t yet know, billions of dollars are being invested in exploring what’s going on outside our atmosphere. Now you want to know more about that world of space travel? The App Store Pearl T-Minus for your iPhone has it all.

An App Store Pearl of otherworldly proportions

Over the years, we as humanity have shot an awful lot of crap into space. For now, it doesn’t look like we’re going to stop doing so, either. T-Minus on your iPhone keeps track of what companies like SpaceX, NASA and consorts are up to.

Via T-Minus you can watch the latest launches live (provided they are streamed), as well as the 6,500 operations before that. And whenever such a new launch occurs, the App Store Pearl sends a notification to your iPhone. So perfect if you want to watch rocket launches more often.

T-MinusT-minus 5 minutes! (Image: T-Minus)

But it doesn’t stop there for T-Minus, either. In fact, the app is packed with additional information on everything related to space travel. From astronauts to spaceships; there is an awful lot to discover through this App Store Pearl for iPhone. As an extra reason to check in every day, you also get a Patch Trading Card when you log in.

T-Minus, plus something extra on your iPhone

For convenience, you also don’t have to open the App Store Pearl on your iPhone every time you want to know when the next launch is. T-Minus has a handy widget that lets you just see on your homescreen when to get the popcorn in.

So T-Minus is ideal for both avid followers of space travel and those who just want to watch the occasional launch on their iPhone.

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