Apple CarPlay thanks to a hack now usable in every

Apple CarPlay thanks to a hack now usable in every Tesla

Apple CarPlay is available in many different cars, but not Tesla’s. Time to change that, unofficially.

Thanks to Polish developer Michal Gapinski it has become possible to use the system. Do you have a Tesla and an iPhone? Then pay attention!

Apple CarPlay in a Tesla

Gapinski is the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3. A beautiful car, only he had a major annoyance. His holy cow did not support Apple CarPlay. Fortunately, the Gapinski is pretty handy and found a solution. One that you can use too.

In January of this year, he released a first version that was compatible with his Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately, that version had a lot of snags. For example, he had to use a mouse to control Apple CarPlay. That’s obviously not very convenient. Fortunately, he continued to develop and has meanwhile improved his version considerably. According to the Pole, the software can now even be used on all Tesla models.

Michal Gapinski has been quite busy lately, as his CarPlay version now also supports DRM video playback, allowing apps like Netflix to function normally. Apple Music, for example, automatically launches in landscape mode.

Not so simple

Still, you need a few things to use the Apple CarPlay version of Gapinski. For example, you need a Rasberry PI that includes a modem and a WiFi access point. This runs on Android 12. You also need to buy an HDMI and an Ethernet cable.

On the video you can see how it all works. Maybe it’s not that fluent yet, but considering where the Pole is coming from, it’s quite an accomplishment in the short time. We are therefore curious to see what it will look like in a few months.

The new version is now available for download from the designer’s website. It can be found here.

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