1715957725 Apple earns billions but how much is CEO Tim Cook

Apple earns billions, but how much is CEO Tim Cook pocketing?

Apple is the world’s most valuable company after Microsoft and Saudi oil company Aramco. But exactly how much does top executive Tim Cook earn?

At Apple, the company’s top executive has always been one of its most important signposts. We saw that with Steve Jobs and now with Tim Cook. Whether it is a new iPhone, Mac or iPad, he is always featured in the presentations.

Being Apple’s top executive is therefore an important job. A position with a lot of responsibility, and therefore also a lot of money. But how much can Tim Cook actually credit to his bank account?

This is how much Apple CEO Tim Cook earns

Like any publicly traded company, Apple must share documents with shareholders. After all, they own the company. For example, one of those documents shows how much Tim Cook gets paid as Apple’s top executive.

Tim Cook’s most recent figures are from 2023. That’s when the Apple top executive earned a total of about $63.2 million. That seems like a lot – and it is – but it’s a lot less than 2022. Then he was allowed to credit $99.4 million.

Meet the first App Store competitor on the iPhoneThat’s a great deal. (Image: Divyakant Solanki / EPA)

Tim Cook’s earnings look a little different than yours or mine. The Apple top executive’s normal salary is $3 million. That sounds low, but then that’s not all he gets. In 2022, he also got shares worth about $47 million.

In addition, he has also received $10.7 million in bonuses that he just paid out in cash. Finally, there is also 2.5 million in other compensation.

How much do other members of the Apple board earn?

In second place at Apple, behind Tim Cook, is COO, Jeff Williams, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Apple. He received $27 million in rewards.

Luca Maestri, the CFO, or chief financial officer, was credited with a total of $26.9 million. Kate Adams, senior legal boss and Veidre O’Brien, senior vice president for retail received the same amount.


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