1717773899 Apple tackles passwords heavily on iPhone and Mac

‘Apple tackles passwords heavily on iPhone and Mac’

Monday is the day: WWDC 2024 will begin then. During Apple’s developer conference, the company may showcase a new password manager.

WWDC 2024 promises to be spectacular. That has everything to do with AI. Presumably, at the iOS 18 presentation, we will get our first look at how Apple will bring generative AI to the iPhone.

But something else special and very convenient seems to be announced. Apple is rumored to be coming out with a new app that will make your passwords even more secure.

Apple is going to keep track of your passwords even better on iPhone and Mac

Password managers have been around for a long time. The best-known examples are LastPass and 1Password. These services let you easily use a different password for each account. Apple is now coming out with its own alternative on iPhone, Mac and other devices, reports Bloomberg.

Apple, of course, has its own password manager of sorts on Mac and iPhone with the iCloud keychain. It creates and stores a new password for each account. Still, that keychain is not always easy to find and sometimes works cumbersomely.

Apple tackles passwords heavily on iPhone and MacEven better protection. (Image: Pexels/Thiago Japyassu)

With a special app, it should work much easier. If this app remains free, LastPass and 1Password will have a stiff competitor. You have to pay for those services. Moreover, it could be a reason for people to switch to iPhone and Mac, for example.

More options

Probably a special app from Apple will give you more features than you have now with your iCloud keychain on your iPhone and Mac. You’ll probably be able to split your passwords into a variety of categories such as Wi-Fi networks, websites and Passkeys, for example. It should also allow you to import passwords from other apps and support apps such as Google Authenticator.

It is still unknown whether the app will offer other additional services, such as 1Password and LastPass. For example, those services also offer the ability to securely store images and documents.

Still, on Monday we’re mostly looking forward to the new iOS 18. That Apple will bring AI to the iPhone is certain, but will there be any truly unique features? That remains to be seen. It does seem to be teaming up with ChatGPT maker OpenAI.


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