Apple Watch charger from Netflixs Wednesday is creepy and awesome

Apple Watch charger from Netflix’s Wednesday is creepy and awesome

Have you always been of the opinion that the charger for your Apple Watch is tremendously dull? Then now there is a brilliant, cute and perhaps a rather disturbing alternative. You can charge your watch with Thing: you know, that walking severed hand from Wednesday on Netflix and, of course, from The Addams Family.

Charging your iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods Pro 2 is fine with Apple or third-party chargers. Hugely convenient, but unimpressive in terms of design. This hand, or Thing from Wednesday and The Addams Family, changes that.

Nice and gothic charging your Apple Watch with a hand from Wednesday from Netflix

One of the coolest characters from The Addams Family and Wednesday remains Thing. The charger looks, admittedly, creepy, but it’s adorable, delightfully rebellious and cocky with its five itchy fingers and one wrist.

So how cool is it that you can charge your Apple Watch with the wrist of the severed body part made popular thanks to movies and a Netflix series. Admit it honestly: that no doubt leads to interesting conversations when you have visitors. And the great thing is: the hand costs “nothing. Sort of.

Thing charger is free to download for your 3D printer

If you own a 3D printer, you can download the Thing loader thanks to a file for FML and SDA printers. Maker Design Factory further states that the walking hand can be made by most common printers. The sizes are therefore reasonable: 115mm x 110mm x 150mm.

For the charger, further (apart from the material if you do have a 3D printer) you won’t have to dip into your wallet. The design includes a slot where you can attach the Apple Watch with your existing charger. This therefore snaps securely into place thanks to the magnet.

So as if this standard model of Thing from the Neflix series, among others, wasn’t scary enough, you can add all sorts of other terrifying features in the 3D design. And if you get a little creative with model paint, you can make it as crazy as you want. Especially fun if you hang your Apple Watch from your charger with a cute faceplate.

So the Apple Watch Thing charger can be found on Thingverse, and is an excellent companion when you watch another episode of Wednesday on Netflix or dive back into the many The Addams Family movies and series that have been made.

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