1644607624 Are you using Zoom on your Mac Then be careful

Are you using Zoom on your Mac? Then be careful what you do!

It’s the fear of many computer users: being recorded while you’re just busy. Zoom users can relate to this. Indeed, several people using the tool on a Mac noticed that the program leaves the microphone on after closing a video conference.

According to the Register, these are people with MacBooks and Macs using macOS Monterey. That’s a large group, since it’s the most recent version of the operating system. And that group reports: Zoom records what you say the moment you move the application to the background.

Zoom records what you say

The problem came to light when macOS users suddenly noticed a microphone icon on screen while the program is active in the background. This is a new feature of the operating system, so you can very quickly find out when specific apps are misbehaving on your computer.

The problem came to light fairly soon after the release of macOS Monterey. So in late December, Zoom released an update that should have fixed the problem, after users complained on the official forums. The release notes stated that the problem had been fixed, but nothing could be further from the truth.

zoom pronounsNouns are visible on Zoom (Image: Zoom)

The orange light remains visible

This is evident from responses from users. They report that the orange light in the taskbar is still visible. That light is the previously reported indicator that shows that an app uses your microphone or camera, for example. After completely closing Zoom, the orange light also disappeared from the bar.

The Register’s editors asked Zoom for an explanation. The only thing the company can say is that it is aware of the problem and is trying to solve it. So if you are a macOS user who needs this program for work or personal use, for now make sure you close it properly after a conference.

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