1659215544 BeReal the hype of the moment but what is it

BeReal: the hype of the moment, but what is it?

If you look at the charts of the Apple App Store, you will see an unknown name at the top recently. BeReal is without a doubt the hype of the moment, but what is it really? Mark did some research and explains it to you.

Social media: we love it. However, where it receives a lot of praise, one also finds a lot of criticism. For example, the medium is often under fire for its lack of “authenticity.” Now there is a platform that wants to do something about that. Meet BeReal.

BeReal: just yourself, no fuss

“Your Friends for Real” is the slogan of the new social media platform BeReal. The name says it all: it is a new way to get to know your friends online even better. No edited photos taken at the perfect moment, but raw images captured at the same time with everyone. It not only gives a glimpse into daily life, but also shows what your friends are doing at a certain time of day.

You get a notification every day, at a different time, with a simple command: take a picture within now and two minutes. This photo is not only taken with the selfie camera of your smartphone, but also with the camera system on the back. So your friends can see not only how you look, but also where you are.

BeRealThis is what a post on the platform looks like (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

This photo then appears in a feed for all to see. Is the moment there to take a new photo? Then the photos from the day before disappear. At least, for your friends. On your own profile you can see all your photos in a handy overview. Not just a social media platform, but also a kind of online diary.

Great idea, but how does it work in practice?

It sounds like a great concept, but is it fun in practice? After using the platform for a week, I can easily say that it definitely is. You may not get to know your friends all over again, but you do feel more involved with each other. An evening on the couch, a nice dinner or a day at the office: it’s all recorded and gives a good impression of the day. Although it’s not all cake and crackers.

BeReal does bring with it a new form of stress. As soon as you get the message you have to act within two minutes. Not so bad if you get a lot of pleasure out of it, but not ideal for people who are sensitive to it.

BeRealA small impression of the app (Image: BeReal)

However, that concept is not entirely foolproof either. The idea is cool, but the two-minute time slot is just an opinion. It is just possible to still take and post a photo after that. Taking a photo three hours after the deadline is no problem at all. Your followers will see that the photo was taken too late, but there are no further consequences. Those who use the platform will probably not feel the need to take photos, but it is still possible to choose a good moment for a photo.

Want to try it yourself? Through this link you can install BeReal for iOS.

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