1665965321 Biggest awkwardness Philips Hue a thing of the past thanks

Biggest awkwardness Philips Hue a thing of the past thanks to these gadgets

Philips Hue bulbs light up your home like a boss, but it takes some getting used to not being able to use the light buttons in your home. Even people who come over to your place will know that problem. Fortunately, Philips Hue has a solution for that!

While you can basically turn the smart bulbs off with the light switch, you can’t turn them on the smart way afterwards. Unless, of course, you use the light button again and dive back into the Philips Hue app or give Siri a command. Again, that does kind of take away from the purpose of smart lighting.

Philips Hue: no more frustration

Philips Hue has several smart light buttons in its lineup, so you don’t have to lose any smartness in your home. And yet it still allows you to take advantage of your old habit of using the physical light switch in your home.

The smart switches are battery operated and you can really mount them anywhere in your home without wiring. For example, you can hang them near your existing switches or right next to your bed so you can easily turn off the smart lights at night.

Philips Hue Tap switchStill a light switch everywhere in the house. (Image: Philips Hue)

These options are

You have a choice of three flavors. One is a dimmer switch, which can also be used as a remote control. This one hangs on the wall and contains buttons to turn the light on and off and dim it. Philips Hue also has a smart button, which probably looks most like your old light switch. You can use this to turn your lights on and off, and by holding down the button you dim the lights.

There’s also Philips Hue’s new Tap switch. It features four buttons, allowing you to control lights in up to three different rooms with one system. You can attach the Tap switch to the wall and also take the button off to use as a remote control.

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