Bird Pixel funny platformer lends itself perfectly to Apple Watch

Bird Pixel: funny platformer lends itself perfectly to Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is good for many tasks that you can perform on a daily basis. However, playing games is one that you don’t encounter very often. Yet the game Bird Pixel seems to be an exception to the rule.

On the MacRumors forum, I came across a post referring to the game Bird Pixel. A game that, in theory, lends itself very well to the iPhone, iPad and thus the Apple Watch. Somewhat skeptically, I decide to install the game and give it a try. A good idea, as it turns out.

Bird Pixel for your Apple Watch

The idea of Bird Pixel is pretty simple: get to your final destination with as many points as possible. In Super Mario-like levels you walk around with a bird that you must guide around obstacles as quickly as possible. You do this by clicking on the screen of your Apple Watch, which makes a cube appear under the bird with each click.

Once you encounter an obstacle, your turret must be high enough to bypass it. The obstacle then removes a number of cubes, so you have to tap again to pass the next one.

Bird Pixel Apple WatchObstacle avoidance (Image: Gosiha Pte)

The game sounds a bit simple and that is exactly what makes it so good. In the waiting room at the dentist, in line for the cash register or while making a cup of coffee, this game is a brief distraction.

Plenty to enjoy

Although, of course, there’s a chance you could lose yourself in it. Bird Pixel has an arsenal of different birds and rewards that you, throughout the game, can collect. So while the levels themselves are fairly short, and your playtime doesn’t have to be very long, there is a reason to continue each time.

To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t see my Apple Watch being used for playing games anytime soon. It’s also certainly not something I’ll be doing very often. But a little game like this does show that the enthusiast definitely has some options.

Bird Pixel Apple WatchParty with the little bird (Image: Gosiha Pte)

Want to try it yourself? You can download Bird Pixel for your iPhone via this link. Then use the Watch app to transfer it to your Apple Watch.

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