1659821143 Bizarre TikTok trend has livestreamers handing in sleep for money

Bizarre TikTok trend has livestreamers handing in sleep for… money!

Getting rich while sleeping, who wouldn’t want that? This is a new trend that is emerging on both Twitch and TikTok, where users live stream. At least, real sleep sometimes doesn’t come of it, because viewers can often wake up the sleeping beauties for a small fee. What exactly is going on here?

The trend of broadcasting yourself sleeping live on a platform like Twitch suddenly popped up in 2020. Back then, the times were simple: viewers were simply watching someone take a bath and catch their night’s sleep. This turned out to be just the beginning of what has now been renamed the “interactive sleep streamer” profession.

Sleeping on TikTok and Twitch

The new batch of sleep streamers don’t really sleep. While watching, viewers can do all sorts of things to get people out of their sleep. For a small fee, for example, a robotic voice can loudly proclaim a message. How high or low that amount is, then, depends on the streamer in question.


one of the funniest streams ive ever watched 😭 #ishowspeed #ishowspeedlive #sleep #ishowspeedrage

♬ original sound – ISHOWSPEED VIDEOS 😈

But you can also, for example, just set off a very loud and high alarm. You can see this in the video above, in which a man hits his mattress while screaming his lungs out. Viewers love this, especially if they can also throw a bucket of ice water on the person.

How exactly do streamers do this?

So, as mentioned, viewers can donate money, which then has an action attached to it. Specific amounts of money yield specific actions. The sleep streamers on TikTok and Twitch do have to prepare for that. They have to make sure that all those gimmicks work, by equipping their rooms with alarms, speakers and other nonsense.

But… why would you do this? Well, this is quite a lucrative business, it turns out. The TikTok and Twitch streamers sometimes make $34 thousand from “sleeping.” That produces a lot of copycats, who want to outdo each other, of course. The more extreme, the more entertaining for the viewer – and the more money for the clean sleeper.

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