Brilliant software turns your Mac into the ideal machine for

Brilliant software turns your Mac into the ideal machine for games

While it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t bring a Mac into your home for gaming, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, there is a way in which Apple’s computer wins over its Windows counterpart. OMT editor Dennis Mons tells you all about it in this article.

It’s time to get acquainted with emulators: the way to play retro games on a Mac. Something it, unlike anything else in this field, is better at than the PC.

How the Mac is winning over the PC with gaming.

There are many ways to play retro games. Not only on a PC, but also, for example, a PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, iPad, Android tablets and even your refrigerator. Trust me: I’ve tried everything. Except the fridge.

mac gaming playstationThis is how easily you run retro games (Image: YouTube/Renato V.R)

This is thanks to emulators. One of the best known is RetroArch, but in terms of gaming on your Mac, you now also have OpenEmu and it excels in that regard.

Mac only

The intriguing thing is that OpenEmu is only available for the Mac. But the wonderful thing about the software is also that it’s easy to install, and you just need to drag your ROMS (your downloaded games) into it, plug in your controller, and you’re ready for a day of wandering around games from your youth.

gaming Macintosh ClassicOkay this might be a challenge (Image: Twitter/Dongle)

Unlike RetroArch, for example, OpenEmu is easy to install without suddenly having headaches of additional frustrations. RetroArch, for example, requires downloading certain software for different platforms such as NES, SNES, Game Gear, Master System and NeoGeo (and many others).

OpenEmu tackles this differently: it recognizes the ROMS of certain games and independently assigns them to the appropriate emulated consoles. And the best part is: the program finds the covers of the games, so that scrolling through your library you immediately know which game it is and on which platform you can play it.

Retro gaming is a broad concept with OpenEmu, by the way. It mainly supports games (and thus ROMS) from about fifteen years ago. So don’t expect to suddenly be able to run PlayStation 2 or Nintendo Wii. It stops pretty much around the GameCube and PlayStation 1.

Tweaking your controller and gaming on your Mac

This is definitely a great feature of OpenEmu; your controller setting is recognized and saved. When you play an SNES game, the software indicates what the controller was at the time. So even if you’re playing with a wireless PlayStation, Xbox or even Nvidia Shield controller the program states what buttons were applicable at the time.

gaming mac nintendoAh those bygone days (Image: Nintendo)

Cheating with Game Genie

And now a real step back in time: OpenEmu supports Game Genie. For the oldies among us it’s a known fact, but the youngsters might need an explanation. With Game Genie it was possible to insert a cartridge into your console and enter cheat codes. We weren’t proud of it, but it made impossible games playable.

So if you want to play old school games on your Mac (even without skills) then OpenEmu is the very best option.

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