CES 2022 smart backpack supports Find My without AirTag

CES 2022: smart backpack supports ‘Find My’ without AirTag

Are you also such a slob who always loses his backpack. With this Targus that will not happen. And that without AirTag.

Targus is of course a well-known brand in the field of accessories. The brand makes various bags for laptops. Now it has a very special model on the market. You can find it everywhere. You probably think it is a bag with an AirTag, but nothing is less true. The brand scores an honorable mention during the CES 2022 for the new accessory.

An extraordinary backpack from Targus

The Targus Cypress Hero EcoSmart does not need an AirTag in order to be found. It does, however, work with the Search Mine app, so you will never lose it again. This works in conjunction with a small tracking module, which allows you to simply track the bag with an iPhone 11 or newer.

That the new bag from Targus works through the Find My app is not very unusual. Apple has opened up the U1 chip to third parties to develop accessories over the past year. Just like with an AirTag, you can simply find the bag if it is outside the Bluetooth range of your phone. Through the Find My app, other iPhones can also connect to the tracker anonymously, allowing you to see where it is.

Targus Cypress Hero AirTagThe special model. (Image: Targus)

No AirTag

Still, the Targus Cypress Gero EcoSmart has a big advantage over a regular AirTag. An AirTag is of course easy to throw away by thieves if they find it in a bag. With the accessory from Targus, this is much more difficult. The company claims that the tracker is ‘highly integrated’, so it is harder to just throw it out. You do need to charge the tracker, so that you can continue to find it. Fortunately, a rechargeable battery is therefore included.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for Targus’ backpack, as it will be released sometime in the spring or summer of 2022. The price is 149.99 dollars. How much the bag will cost in the Netherlands is not yet known.