CES 2023 everything Philips Hue has announced

CES 2023: everything Philips Hue has announced

Last week, of course, you couldn’t ignore it: CES 2023. Almost all major players showed their latest products and ideas during the show. So did Philips Hue. But what is the lamp maker releasing at the beginning of this year? OMT editor Jeroen tells you.

If you want to change the mood of your home, Philips Hue is the way to go. The smart lighting allows you to light up your home in all the colors of the rainbow. You will soon be able to do the same with a number of new products.

New Philips Hue products at CES 2023.

Philips showed off some impressive products at CES 2023. Even Samsung is involved. Surely these are one the most prominent.

Philips Hue Sync TV app

Let’s start with perhaps Philips Hue’s most striking announcement: the Sync TV app that will be available on Samsung televisions 2022 and newer. The app will bring the colors you see on your television into the living room. The lights then illuminate in the colors of a game or series.

You can kind of compare it to Philips’ Ambilight televisions. By the way, the app is certainly not cheap, as it has a price tag of 129.99 euros. For an app. Fancy but probably worth it. We will definitely test it for you.

Philips Hue Sync TV app Samsung.

Go Portable table lamp

Starting January 21, the Philips Hue wireless table lamp is available in Europe. So you can take this with you wherever you go. Ideal for example during the summer when you want to sit outside a bit longer and need some light. By the way, with a price tag of 159.99 euros, this lamp is not very cheap.

Philips Hue Resonate wall light

Need a little more light outside than what comes from the small table lamp? Then you might want to choose the Resonate wall lamp. This is the lamp that you easily mount on the wall outside.

Unlike its big brother, this one only shines downward. You can buy the lamp from January 24 for 119.99 euros.

Tap Dial Switch

Philips Hue is revamping its Tap Dial Switch. This is notable since the button was introduced last year. You can also get a magnetic round holder with it starting March 14. By the way, the price remains the same: you’ll have it for 49.99 euros.