Charge your iPhone in style with these mighty MagSafe accessories

Charge your iPhone in style with these mighty MagSafe accessories

Charging the iPhone can logically be done via the included Lighting cable, but there are other options available. For example, consider MagSafe: a solution that gives the necessary accessories a wonderful boost to charge your Apple smartphone in style. OMT editor Jeroen Kraak lists a few examples.

Of course, it has been possible to charge various Apple devices wirelessly for quite some time. With the arrival of MagSafe, this is now even simpler than before. The magnetic force makes your charger ideally connected to your iPhone or Apple Watch, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your device.

5 MagSafe chargers for your iPhone.

That’s heartening, of course, but it also opens up opportunities for accessory makers. For example, a number of them have created beautiful chargers that would not look out of place in your living room. These five products are an excellent example of that, as far as I’m concerned.

#1 Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 fast charger

OK, with a price of 168.31 euros, this quick charger from Belkin is quite pricey, but darn convenient. It lets you charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously at 15W.

Of course, what immediately stands out is the beautiful design of this charger. Therefore, you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself when it’s in your home. Moreover, you choose whether you want to charge in landscape or portrait mode. This way you can even watch a video while charging. Handy!

magsafe Belkin iPhone3-in-1. (Image: Belkin)

#2 Zinley

We can imagine that you find this Belkin quite pricey. Fortunately, there’s a cheaper alternative from Zinley. This one is quite compact and charges your iPhone (and two other devices) at the same time with it.

Unlike Belkin’s, you do have to remove your MagSafe case from your phone, as only the Apple Watch charger on the back uses the magnetic technology. Both the charger for the AirPods and the phone are wireless only. You’ll pay $32.25 for this device.

Zinly chargerA compact one. (Image: Zinly)

#3 Elago

Many chargers look pretty much the same and therefore we understand that sometimes you want something different from the rest. Elago’s charger is a great alternative for that. The round shape looks unique.

This charger actually works quite simply. The round shape is separate from the MagSafe charger. You pull the cord of your charger through the round shape and the MagSafe charging part you put on top. This gets your iPhone back to 100 percent in no time. You get it for 21.99 euros.

Elago iPhone MagSafeCharging like a pro. (Image: Elago)

#4 Hohosb

Don’t want your charger to take up too much space? Then Hohosb’s MagSafe charger might be your best choice. This is a charging mat that folds up three times when not in use. This makes it convenient to take with you on vacation, for example.

On each of the three parts you can charge a device. So you’ll have your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods back at 100 percent in no time. You can even choose to put it upright if you only need to charge two devices. You pay 55.58 euros for this gadget.

HohosbUseful for travel. (Image: Hohosb)

#5 Nomad Base One for iPhone

If you really want to go for a stylish charger for the iPhone, then the Nomad may be for you. The design is very sleek and consists of glass and metal. Weighing 900 grams, it always stays in place.

Unfortunately, style also has a price. You’ll pay 179 euros for this one.

Nomad Base OneStylish (Image: Nomad)

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