Compact and fully effective the new Keychron keyboard

Compact and fully effective: the new Keychron keyboard

The Keychron Q5, the latest mechanical keyboard in the company’s offering, is on sale as of now. Anyone need another keyboard for their Mac?

The new model can be purchased for $185 and will be shipped within two business days. Despite the American price, it is possible for Dutch consumers to order the keyboard.

The new Keychron Q5

The Keychron Q5 QMK can be ordered in a variety of configurations. You can choose to order the keyboard full, barebone or barbone ISO. You can also choose whether you want a variant with or without reprogrammable control keys. The mechanical keyboard is further available in the colors Carbon Black, Silver Grey and Navy Blue.

According to the company itself, the Keychron Q5 has several advantages. The mechanical keyboard carries with it an aluminum case. It is 96% the same size as a regular keyboard. Despite being 4% more compact this keyboard does carry all the function keys. So you also have access to a numpad. Furthermore, the model features RGB backlight and Gateron G Pro switches.

Keychron Q5 Mechanical keyboardThe new Q5 QMK (Image: Keychron)

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you are going to use the keyboard for your Mac or Windows. Should you make a switch soon, you can very easily mount the included keys. On this website you get more information about the different configurations and prices.

Mechanical keyboard?

As great as the Keychron Q5 keyboard looks, it is worth noting that this is a very different product from a regular keyboard. This has to do with the fact that these consist of mechanical switches. There is no rubber dome under the keys, so each keystroke is registered separately. Not only advantageous for comfort, but also certainly for the life of such a product.

By the way, keep in mind that a mechanical keyboard makes a lot more noise. So think carefully if you want to use such a product, for example, in the office. Some colleagues are still terrified when I enter the editorial office….

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